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Michigan’s largest concentrated tulip display is always free and open to the public.
Tulip Festival

About the Tulip Festival Photo Contest

2019 Tulip Festival Photography Contest Winner by Lakeesha Morrison of Royal Oak

White Chapel's annual tulip display features over 50,000 tulips, including new and unique blooms rarely found anywhere else in the world.
These rare bulbs have been imported directly from Holland in the Netherlands and include such stunning varieties as:

  • Russian Princess - A Darwin hybrid, pure white with brilliant red edges
  • Banja Luka - a Darwin Hybrid with huge perfect shaped blooms that float atop tall, sturdy stems.
  • American Dream - another Darwin Hybrid with deep maroon petals edged with cream.
  • La Courtine - a prized Scheeper's hybrid with a delicate, oval shape
  • Kansas Proud - a velvety and luxurious reddish-purple tulip with a blushed white base.

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White Chapel Tulip Festival Prize Structure

First Prize: A $300 gift card

Second Prize: A $200 gift card

Third Prize: A $100 gift card

Selfie Award: A $200 app gift card (such as Apple Store or Google Play gift card)!

Our 2021 Tulip Festival Photo Contest Winners

The Metropolitan Detroit community has been participating in White Chapel's Tulip Festival Photo Contest since 2011. Amateur and professional photographers have entered hundreds of beautiful images, many including people, families and even pets. Hundreds of thousands have viewed the image galleries and voted for their favorite pictures.

First Place:
Juan Aguilar-Bertini
Saint Claire Shores, Michigan

A tour de force that sensitively expresses an innocent spiritual communion using composition, "Biblical" lighting and finely controlled exposure.

If photography is painting with light, this is an exemplary sample of that.

The red tulips show us how color isolation can bring the viewer's eye to a smaller subject with-in an image.


Second Place:
Amanda R.
Berkely, Michigan

The photo is not only a loving expression of a child's wonder with the beauty of expresses a delightful renewal of life after an oppressive winter of pandemic.

This image uses controlled depth-of-field to place your attention right at the point where the little girl's hands gently cup the delicate flower...the soft dreamy look adds to the over-all emotional landscape.


Third Place:
Jaclene Simpson
Chicago, Illinois

A magnificent example of forced wide-angle perspective adding power and majesty to an image of simple white tulips.

The towering religious statue seems to command the little flowers to rise out of the dreary winter...which they enthusiastically do...fearlessly strong and straight.


Selfie Award:
Alicia Stevens
Shelby Township, Michigan

A mama's love reinforced by a little army of tulips behind them. A gleeful young face reminds us to shed our year of trials and tribulations if only for a few moments...

Spring has sprung and the tulips are its most vivid heralds.