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Explore the extensive and affordable variety of ways to honor loved ones for the generations to come.
Interment, Tributes & Memorialization

White Chapel has interment, tributes & memorialization options to fit every family.

Over the years, White Chapel has expanded our offerings of interment and memorialization products and services, because the needs and desires of the families we care for have evolved with each new generation.

Our expert counselors can guide you with funeral arrangements.

Today, we can offer families options from traditional to elaborate and everything in between to fit most everyone’s needs and budget.

The below links will lead you to summary descriptions for many of these options, which is a great way to familiarize yourself with the choices that may appeal to you. Then we recommend that you contact one of our caring experts who will be glad to explain everything to you at your own pace.

Memorial Markers at White Chapel provide our families with a wide variety of ways to celebrate the lives and cherish the memories their departed loved ones, beyond simply identifying their resting place.

White Chapel's interment and Committal Services manages all the details to relieve our families of the burden during an already trying time..

White Chapel offers a wide range of ways to cherish your loved one’s memory with fresh Floral Tributes, Holiday Blankets & Wreaths.

Cameo Portraits are a beautiful way for families to provide a dignified, permanent image for future generations to appreciate and share.

Memorial Lamps are eternally glowing tributes placed on your loved one’s indoor or outdoor crypt front.

Many families choose Memorial Jewelry to help them keep the memory of their loved one ever beside them in a unique and highly personal way.

Our caring experts are here to help you choose the options that will more than satisfy your memorial needs.