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Uniquely personal and meaningful ways to keep our memories alive.
Memorial Cameos, Lamps & Vases

Permant placement of memorial cameo portraits and memorial lamps keep their memories alive.

There have never been so many choices for families to personalize the honor and memory of departed loved ones.

Memorial cameos for permanent display on cryps

Cameo Portraits

Many family members leave photos of loved ones behind at their final resting place. It’s a beautiful and heartfelt gesture that unfortunately does not protect these precious mementos from the fading and discoloration that inevitably come with from rain, snow and wind and time. Instead, a cameo portrait of oneself or a family member affixed to the memorial marker, granite crypt or cremation niche front, provides a dignified, permanent image for future generations to appreciate and share.

Memorial oil lamps

Memorial Lamps

Glowing lamps placed on your loved one’s indoor or outdoor crypt front are a touching way to show that your loved one’s memory shines on and lights the way for future generations. Lamps are battery-powered and are placed and maintained by White Chapel personnel.

Memorial cameos for permanent display on cryps

Memorial Vases

Fresh flowers are a beautiful way to express your love. Memorial vases, especially when combined with the ease and convenience of White Chapel’s on-premise flower shop, offer an ongoing opportunity to honor and care for loved ones.

Our caring experts are here to arrange all your memorial choices.