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Convenience and privacy for your family gatherings.
Celebration of Life Center

Customized Ceremonies and Family Gatherings Mean Convenience and Privacy.

Catered Receptions

Celebration of Life

Many families want a place to meet before or after a service, to share stories, photos and memories without the intrusions of a public restaurant, or the hassles of an impromptu open house. That’s why White Chapel has created warm and comforting spaces conveniently located on the Memorial Park grounds, where family and friends can gather after bidding “farewell” to someone dear.

Celebration of Life Center

Catering and Custom themes

White Chapel’s expert staff can help families plan a meaningful and personalized Celebration of Life ceremony that reflects a loved one’s unique lifestyle and their beliefs. Your personal Celebration of Life may include almost anything from family stories, music and readings, to catered food and beverages or a themed life tribute custom created just for you and your family.

Our Celebration of Life Center is located at White Chapel’s front gate with ample free parking. Adjustable walls in the event rooms enable us to create a custom private meeting space for gatherings of 20, 50, 80, up to 180 people.

We can arrange for anything from coffee and snacks to a lunch buffet – even a sit-down meal with table service..

Contact our caring experts to learn more and to tour the Celebration of Life Center.