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Discover the new range of available choices available when choosing cremation.

The choice for cremation raises many questions that White Chapel can help answer.

Cremation has gained in acceptance and popularity in recent decades. Since 1973, the number of cremations in North America has more than tripled. Countries such as Japan (97%), Great Britain (70%) and Scandinavia (over 65%) continue to see it as a more desirable alternative to traditional burial. These days it has become a perfectly acceptable option for some faiths that traditionally disallowed it.

White Chapel, from its very beginning, has respectfully served those who choose cremation. Our crematorium meets the highest standards of care and offers families a most dignified setting for their observances and traditions.

Cremation services at White Chapel in Troy, Michigan.

Why Cremation Memorialization?

Professionals in the field of psychology are aware of the importance of establishing a permanent memorial site for those who have passed on, be it a traditional burial site, a columbarium in which ashes are stored, or even a garden in a local cemetery where ashes have been spread.

For one, it provides a focal point for our grief, without which the trauma of bereavement may be prolonged to an extraordinary and potentially damaging degree. Providing a permanent resting place for the deceased is a dignified treatment for their mortal remains and fulfills the natural human desire for memorialization.

A Place for the Living

Those who say – whether in jest or seriously – “Just cremate me and throw my ashes to the wind” – probably don’t realize the burden this can place on family members. While there is something undeniably poetic about having one’s ashes strewn across a favorite pond or tract of wilderness, there may be inherent problems in choosing such a place as a memorial site. First, while this may be legally done in many areas, one must think hard about what this means to their descendants. Should they care to visit the site; can they do so easily, conveniently, without a great expenditure of time and or money? Can they do this whenever they care to or, more importantly, feel a need to? And while this site may be accessible to them now, can you rest assured that it will not be developed for other uses at some future time, or closed to the public?

Memorialization at a site dedicated specifically for that purpose helps ensure that you are always there for your loved ones. Memorial Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Birthdays and Anniversaries are just a few yearly occasions that many people set aside to honor the memory of loved ones. It is, in every way, the best way to ensure that those who chose cremation will endure in memory, and with dignity.

Many and Growing Options

As well, they may not know of the many options available for memorializing those ashes. With the practice’s burgeoning popularity, there are a growing number of available choices for where to place cremated remains and to establish a memorial location. The point is, cremation does allow one to establish and even personalize a permanent memorial – a focal point not only for present-day survivors, but for future generations. And memorialization in a cemetery is a logical choice.

White Chapel offers a wide selection of traditional, unique and personalized urns for families to choose. Memorialization in a keepsake or jewelry is an increasingly sought-after way for family to keep their loved ones close over the generations.

It’s Never Too Late to Care for a Loved One’s Memory.

Many families ask us about cremation memorialization months and even years after their loved one’s passing. We understand that it’s natural for plans and preferences to evolve after the initial shock of loss has passed.

Families who do wish to consider alternatives to their current desktop, bookshelf or closet can be assured that the entire range of cremation memorialization options are just a phone call away.

Our caring experts are here to help you make the right decisions regarding cremation and memorialization.