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Learn how easily and affordably you can protect your legacy and your loved ones.

Pre-Planning your funeral arrangements saves your loved ones the stress and expense of funeral planning.

The advantages of Pre-Arrangement are great, myriad, and to the ultimate benefit of all involved. Choose your legacy, protect your loved ones, benefit financially and ensure your own peace of mind.

Funeral pre-arrangement service

Your Legacy

Pre-arrangement provides you the opportunity to create your own, personal funeral arrangements and design your own resting place. It is about how YOU want to be remembered.

Your Loved Ones

Pre-arranging frees loved ones from having to make decisions at a time of inordinate grief and possible financial uncertainty – decisions that may not be in line with your personal tastes, feelings and the way you chose to be regarded by future generations.

Your Care

At the current rate of inflation, the pre-arrangement you make today could save your loved ones from spending nearly twice as much a mere twenty years from now. Pre-arrangement can provide a powerful feeling of relief and reassurance for those you love when they need it most, with little associated risk. White Chapel’s unique program of interest-free financing plans have been designed to make it easier on you now and much easier on them later.

Our Commitment

Beyond these more tangible advantages, there is an emotional advantage to pre-arrangement that cannot be overstated. It has to do with the commitment we all make, in our own way, to ‘being there’ for our families and friends. Pre-arrangement is a powerful assurance of that commitment not just here and now, but for years to come.

Pre-planning your funeral protects your family

Our caring experts help you make the right decisions for you and your family.